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80-20 Rule'

The 80-20 rule was developed by Joseph Juran, a 20th century figure in the study of management techniques and principles. The 80-20 rule has been applied to a number of different facets of business.

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80/20 rule

20% of the customers accounts for 80% of the sales
80% of the profit is achieved with the 20% of the customers

20-80% rule

The five basic concepts are
  1. Production Concept.
  2. Product Concept.
  3. Selling Concept.
  4. Marketing Concept.
  5. Holistic Marketing Concept.

How can Ojjah International plan in this role?

At Ojjah International Business Consultancy Services, we employed various technologies within the scope of its productivity, Innovation and marketing efforts such as computer-based information systems, aiding in better processing and storage of data and the latest mobile applications to aid companies to increase its
  1. Data gathering.
  2. Productivity and better staff management.
  3. Increase in sales.
  4. Improved relationship with the 20% of the customers.
  5. Assist in cost management.

20/80% pyramid

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